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Whether you're a small business owner or you're part of a marketing team that needs some help with SEO, we've got you covered! With over 20 years of experience, the team at Ellie & Jojo is here to help your business get found and be seen within search engines and local maps.

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How Does SEO Work?

In simple terms, SEO works by ensuring a website is SEO-compliant, has keyword-rich content, is easy for both humans and search spiders to navigate, and is simple to use. 

SEO doesn't sound very simple, does it?

That's because SEO isn't that simple and, in reality, shouldn't work alone. SEO actually works better when it's part of a thorough digital marketing strategy. This is what sets Ellie & Jojo apart from other SEO companies. We won't just look at optimizing your website, we will look for other opportunities to improve your company and your brand so you win on the internet. That's why our clients love us!

SEO Business Solutions

It can be hard to figure out which type of SEO or SEO solution works best for your business. Let's break down the types of SEO:

On Page SEO

SEO Content

Core page & blog content, metadata, and UX enhancements all done within your website.


Technical SEO

Foundation for SEO success and SEO compliance for a website so it gets found easily by search engine spiders.

Off Page SEO

PR-Based SEO

Everything done off your website to help it get found more easily including backlinks and guest posting.


Local SEO

Dominate the local space including your Google/Bing Business Profiles, local maps, and local content.

SEO Packages Designed for Success

Which solution is right for your business? In most cases - a combination of them all. We don't focus on one area of SEO. We tailor our SEO servicesto best fit your company's needs and plans for growth. To learn how we can help your business get found in search, schedule a free 30 minute consultation.


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"I would highly recommend Ellie & Jojo Communications LLC for the best in experienced quality Digital Marketing services. She knows what she is doing. With all the training she has had you can bet you will get the results your looking for to grow your business, just like she has helped me in mine. Thanks, JC"

Jeremy Creager

"I was impressed with her marketing and business skills. Normally, I don't participate in promoting anyone but Hillary was able to change my point of view and I gladly participated. Besides her marketing and business skills, Hillary's understanding of Network marketing and social media will up-level any business that is fortunate enough to work with her."

Austin Sutton

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