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Digital Strategy & Consulting

Not everyone wants to hire a digital marketing team to help them with their business. We get it.


But you will need some help to overtake your competitors to grow your business or increase brand awareness in the digital space.

When you work with a digital strategy consultant, you get the tools you need to help you overcome marketing challenges to help you reach your business goals. 

What Do You Get from a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Along the way, you'll learn about these core practices...

Social Media




Local SEO

Who Benefits from Digital Marketing Consulting?

Our consulting packages aren't for everyone. We work with specific groups of people and business owners who are looking for guidance and direction but aren't interested in hiring someone to do the work. They can't always afford a full digital marketing team but still want to increase their brand awareness and visibility in the digital space. Our consulting clients are doers who like to get their hands dirty but need guidance and support to get there. Sound like you?

Digital Strategy Consulting Packages

  • Peer-to-Peer

    Perfect for marketers who need guidance and recommendations.
    • 1-Hour Virtual Session
    • Bust Through a Marketing Hurdle
    • Get Specific Guidance
    • Map Out Solutions
  • Simple Strategy

    Built for business owners who are just getting set up.
    • 4 x 1-hour Virtual Sessions
    • Covers the basics to get you started
    • Works for websites, Local SEO, and social
    • Game Plan Strategy Document
  • Specific

    For specific challenges that need more focus.
    • 6 x 1-Hour Virtual Sessions
    • Break Up Blockers Audit
    • Journey Mapping
    • Game Plan Strategy Doc
    • Tactical Planning for Success
  • Systematic

    Train, plan, strategize, and execute towards success.
    • 12 x 1-Hour Virtual Sessions
    • Digital Marketing 101
    • Deep Dive Audit
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Building Blocks of Content
    • Game Plan Strategy Document
    • Tactical Planning for Success
    • 3 Post-Coaching Q&A Sessions
Coaching Packages
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